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Services Description

ConnectAssure Fibre

A superfast 'Fibre to the Cabinet' (FTTC) broadband service suitable for large VoIP installations in fibre-enabled locations - able to carry more than 500 concurrent calls.

ConnectAssure DSL Plus

A high-speed ADSL broadband connection that's ideal for streaming data and/or small VoIP telephony systems with up to 40 concurrent calls.

ConnectAssure DSL Pro

A high-speed ADSL broadband connection with extra fast upload speeds, suitable for medium-sized VoIP telephony systems with up to 80 concurrent calls.

ConnectAssure Bonded

Combine up to four standard broadband lines for improved bandwidth and greater resiliency. Ideal for scenarios where resilience is critical or in remote locations where fibre is not yet available.

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Broadband Services

BIPCOM ConnectAssure DSL Plus ConnectAssure DSL Pro ConnectAssure Fibre ConnectAssure Bonded
Monthly fee £23.99 £32.99 From £29.99† PoA
Setup fee £40 £40 Free £50 per line
Pre-configured Router £40 £40 From £55 Free
Max download speed 24Mbps* 24Mbps* 80Mbps* 76Mbps*
Max upload speed 1.3Mbps* 2.5Mbps* 20Mbps* 8Mbps*
Bandwidth usage Unlimited Unlimited Depend on package Unlimited**
Static IP addresses 1 Up to 8*** Up to 8*** Up to 8***
Supported SIP channels up to 20 up to 40 up to 360 up to 120

BIPCOM National & UK Telecom Call Rates

International Call Rates Cost Per Minute
Belgium 1.08
China 1.32
France 0.92
Germany 0.96
Hong Kong 1.2
India 1.32
Italy 0.96
Netherlands 1.2
Poland 0.96
Spain 1.44
USA 0.94
UK Call Rates Cost Per Minute.
UK Landlines. 0.009p
UK Mobiles 0.038p
NGN Varying between 0.08 and 15p.